#NationalPeanutDay- RT @baseballhall: Happy #nationalpeanutday from Peanuts Lowrey h Trending On Twitter - Top News Updates

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Lisa Fabean @LisaFabean12
RT @baseballhall: Happy #nationalpeanutday from Peanuts Lowrey himself!
2 days ago | 6 Retweets | 0 Favorites | Reply
RT @youwildman: When I see Jack & Trendalia saying #NationalPeanutDay is trending--I know there's BIG news they don't want us to see. #MAGA
7 days ago | 1 Retweets | 0 Favorites | Reply
Rob van den Heuvel @Rob_blogging
RT @andSabrina1: No one is more courageous, than the one who can stop after eating just one peanut. Nom, Nom, Nom! #NationalPeanutDay
one week ago | 3 Retweets | 0 Favorites | Reply